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Sindri imports and sells hand- and power tools, compressors and welding equipment from industry leading brands such as Atlas Copco, DeWalt, Contracor, Toptul, Lincoln Electric and Ridgid.

Together, Sindri and Sindri Vinnuföt operate four stores in the greater Reykjavik area. A selection of tools and equipment is also available at Johan Rönning stores around the country.

Sindri was established in 1949 by Einar Ásmundsson and family to meet increasing demand for steel, construction supplies and tools in Iceland at the time. The company and its offerings have changed throughout the years and Sindri has moved from importing raw materials to focus on providing quality tools, machines and workwear for industries, organizations and individuals in Iceland.

Sindri Vinnuföt

Sindri Vinnuföt (e. Sindri Workwear) offers quality workwear, safety gear and clothing from Blaklader, Wrangler, Tranemo and HKS. Sindri Vinnuföt is in Skútuvogur, Smiðjuvegur and in Akureyri.


Sindri operates a service department at Viðarhöfði 6 which conducts maintenance, service and installations of the tools and equipment Sindri sells and services.


Sindri is a part of Johan Rönning ltd. KT nr. 670169-5459, VSK nr. 11784