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Vörunúmer: ME9ZG10100BTSB

The concrete screw BTS 10-100/15 is optimally suitable for a wide variety of heavy-duty applications in cracked and non-cracked concrete according to the ETA-assessment Option 1. It achieves the highest loads combined with easy mounting (use of an impact wrench is recommended), obtains fire resistance class R 120 for even more safety in case of fire, is approved for use under seismic action (C1, valid for setting depth of 55 mm and C2, valid for setting depth of 85 mm) and may even be used to fix fire extinguishing pipe systems to concrete ceilings according to VdS guidelines. Because of the three setting depths and the adjustability, the screw can be used in multiple applications. The concrete screw as an expansion-force free anchor is also ideal for temporary fixings as it can be removed completely. Due to the integral washer, no additional washer is required and you save time during installation, while the zinc flake coating ensures higher corrosion resistance.

Nafn eiginleika Gildi eiginleika
Efni Stál
Yfirborð Heitgalvaniserað
Stærð millimetrar 10 mm
Lengd 100 mm
Fjöldi í pakkningu 40 stk