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Vörunúmer: 035797

Festing á hjálm fyrir I-VIEW höfuðljós

At most construction sites it is mandatory to wear safety helmet during work. To be able to take advantage of the superior I-VIEW headlamp wearing a helmet we have designed a bracket to mount the I-VIEW directly onto the front of the helmet.

Together with the bracket you get 3 pcs of adhesive mounting bases. The base is provided with very strong adhesive glue under the tear off tape and is fixed onto the hard hat. The I-VIEW headlamp is clicked directly onto the bracket without any further fixing devices and can easily be dismounted from the bracket if needed for other purposes.

The bracket is flexible which makes it possible to adjust the lighting angle 150° to fit optimum lighting angle.

The bracket fits I-VIEW headlamp, item no. 03.5626 as well as NIGHT VIEW headlamp with both white and red light, item no. 03.5438, and I-MATCH 3 headlamp with 5 colour temperatures, item no. 03.5656.