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Vörunúmer: 036111C

Kastari með tveimur LED ljósum sem lýsa samtals 2500 lumen

Virkar með DEWALT rafhlöðum með því að nota Scangrip Connect millistykki

Extremely powerful work light
The new DUO CONNECT is a real “value-for-money” work light considering the extremely high level of lumen output, up to as much as 2500 lumen. The light output can be adjusted in 2 lighting settings, 50% and 100% depending on the actual job.ng unlimited availability to light.

Multifunctional floodlight with two flexible lamp heads
With its two flexible lamp heads DUO CONNECT will be able to provide illumination from any lighting angle you need for the job. Both lamp heads have dual axis rotation which means that the lamp heads can be rotated in all directions independent of each other providing completely flexible positioning of the light source. When folded the DUO CONNECT is very compact and streamlined.

DUO CONNECT can be positioned on the surface where the battery base is acting as stand. The foldable metal hook is for flexible suspension. For positioning in the height, DUO CONNECT is compatible with the 2 m SCANGRIP TRIPOD, item no. 03.5685.

// Does not include battery.

Why you should choose DUO CONNECT?
- Extremely high lumen output, up to 2500 lumen
- Very compact and streamlined
- 360° flexibility with two lamp heads to position the light source
- Compatible with DEWALT battery system and all other 18 V/20 V battery packs